With the emergence of free marketing where products are available globally. Amazon has made direct sales possible through their e-commerce site.

Business Integration Software has built a Multi-Level Marketing concept where every individual can be master of their own destiny and be financially secure. We have built cloud-based MLM Software with customizable database and flat hierarchy for direct marketing. MLM Software gives access to small to large business.  Full access for online,  to market and sells directly to the customer is available.

MLM Software is becoming popular in USA, India and a certain part of the world. Business Integration Software has seen growth and produced a scalable multi-level marketing software.

Every individual can take benefit to see their own growth with our income analysis functionality. Furthermore, doing direct sales requires discipline and fine approach. Bearing this in mind our conference base modules gives full visibility and accessibility for attendance. Once this is accomplished and stored in our customizable database, business and company can market target audience.

Direct Selling Software is synonymous to MLM Software, where business, sales, freelancers and individuals want to make an impact on income. What is important and carries any weight is how powerful is our marketing strategy.

Business Integration Software Ltd MLM Software is designed to ease the pressure and make to feel every user comfortable. Our software can be tailored for everyone needs and anyone with income in mind can benefit from it. Our software is accessible using any technology and best fit for any type of devices. One can use, tablets, Android, iPhone, laptop or desktop. The software is suited for all the devices.

A simplified software with advanced reporting facilities makes one of the best products in the multi-level marketing arena.

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